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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  October 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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unpredictable and unprovoked... thats what officials at the racine county sheriffs office say about the battery of one of their own inside the county jail fox6s angelica sanchez spoke with the sheriff... who says you cant prepare for an assault like this. surveillance video shows on october 17 a newly trained corrections officer was escorting an inmate through the racine county jail. what happens next shocked sheriff christopher schmaling. 'we train for the unexpected this was truly unexpected.' calm at first the inmate flashes
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punch the officer in the chin. staff quickly responded and took down the inmate identified as 17-year-old deonte anderson. the officer received minor injuries from the blow. he was treated and released at a local hospital. he's already returned to work. "he's embarrassed by what happened he thinks he could've done something different... he was just at the wrong spot at the wrong time with the wrong inmate. shmaling explains known on the streets as "snot" -- never showed any signs of violence while inside the jail. the latest charges against him were for armed robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm. however since this incident extra security measures have been enforced around him. 'he had to be placed in a restraint chair now hes in a rubberized room hes no longer just a harm to my staff he is a harm to himself.' sheriff shmaling says inmates attacking officers is nothing new to him but this particular incident is a reminder to him of the risk men and woman in law enforcement face. 'it just underscores how dangerous and important of a job
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now the sheriff has recommended that anderson be charged with a battery to an officer. at last check that has yet to be made an official charge. ... back to you. it's time for your news and weather together. the milwaukee police officer who shot and killed sylville smith back in august -- is now accused of sexual assault. milwaukee internal affairs officials arrested 24-year-old dominique heaggan-brown last night. there were four victims who came forward. the incidents date back to as early as december of last year. the most recent being in august-- the day after the shooting in sherman park. heaggan brown faces five charges including two counts of sexual assault and two counts of prostitution. his bail is set at 100-thousand dollars. campaigning for her father -- ivanka trump making two stops in wisconsin today. she spoke first in wauwatosa-- before heading to eau claire this afternoon. today's event was a
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about balancing work and family to talk about her fathers childcare plan. she also touched on jobs -- and the economy. as of right now -- hillary clinton's campaign has no scheduled stops in wisconsin. president obama declares a federal disaster in 10 western wisconsin counties hit by torrential rains in september. damage to roads and public infrastructure is estimated at 11 million dollars. ths federal aid is not for homeowners or private businesses affected by the flooding. some of the counties affected inclue: vernon. weather frost advisory for sheboygan, fond du lac, dodge, washington, waukesha, jefferson and walworth counties from 1am-8am friday clearing skies tonight with
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overnight, especially in our inland counties. temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, upper 30s lakeside. partly sunny and cool friday with a high around 50. gradually warming up over the weekend, into the upper 6 inland overnight. low: 38 wind: n 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. morning frost. high: 50 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly sunny. morning frost. am low: 37 high: 57 wind: sw 5-10 mph ...a clash of beliefs. today, members of a church known for stirring controversy were bombarded by u-w-m students on the campus. beverly taylor joins us live from there now with details. about a half dozen members of the westboro baptist church came here with a message for the students... and in turn the students had a message for
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a plaza area just before two p-m thursday awaiting a visit from the westboro baptist church expecting speech against alternative lifestyles and they were ready. 'im skipping a math class because i come from a very large, queer family and so as someone whose protested before, i think its really important to advocate.turns out they were in the wrong place. surrounded the church members, who were not deterred. they held signs and sang about god and repentance. nat nat the westboro church group came here after leaving a similar demonstration at the uw-madison campus. '..because both these universities have a whole section on their websites about what theyre doing about transgender and bathroom this
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you can actually change what god has done.' campus police formed a human barricade to keep to two groups separated. 'the expression of free speech and people having different perspective can certainly be a challenge. we want everyone to be safe. after about an hour the women left the campus.. hoping they planted a seed. shirley 'we dont know who among these people is going to hear and head this warning and be given a heart to nat :bye-bye mary thanks bev the packers and bears play
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twice off the field- with eddie lacy joining sam shields on injured reserve. aaron rodgers is healthy, but his performance hasn't reflected that. will that change tonight? the fox 6 sports team has a pre-game blitz..coming up
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going pink -- with a purpose. "we need to be there to support women in our communities." hundreds of thousands of dollars raised... "its really an amazing movement"... all for a worthy cause. coming up new at six.... how you can get involved in the "pink
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packers bears--no josh sitton for chicago. no eddie lacy-no sam shields--both on injured reserve. eddie will reportedly have ankle surgery the running back are don jackson-fresh off the practice squad-and knile davis-acquired in that trade with kansas city. tim starts our pre-game blitz coverage. t, at a time when aaron rodgers needs a running game, they'll go with a practice squad guy people have been referring to as don "johnson"...and a fe reputation for being a fumbler who has 1 carry for minus 2 yards all year! "it's football. there's going to be stretches where you're playing really great and
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you're having some, some, you're just a little bit off. and we've just been a little bit off, i think, collectively. i'm confident. you know, we're five games into it. we're going
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facility in downtown milwaukee could be reborn as a brewery -- event
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the roughly 170-thousand square foot building at 8th and juneau sold in august... redevelopment plans include a new space for milwaukee brewing company -- a 300-person event hall called "the alley" -- along with offices and an indoor "extra space" self-storage facility. construction is expected to begin in the coming weeks. if you're planning to fly into or out of chicago for the thanksgiving weekend -- you might want to think again. both o'hare internatio five worst airports for delays during thanksgiving week -- with 79-point-6- percent of flights arriving on time at each airport. that's a tie for fourth worst. but the absolute worst -- goes to san francisco international airport where only 75-percent of flights arrived on time - during the thanksgiving travel season in the past five years. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together.
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special forces have driven isis militants out of a town less than 10 miles east of mosul -- saying it's an important part of retaking the city. it's the first time iraq's special forces have taken part in the mosul operation. the u-s trained force is expected to lead the way into the city in the coming days or weeks. new jersey governor chris christie will appear in court for the first time next month in connection to the so-called "bridgegate" scandal. r appearance is part of a citizen's complaint accusing christie of failing to stop the closure of lanes on the new jersey side of the george washington bridge back in 20-13. critics say the lane closures were done to punish the mayor of fort lee, new jersey for not supporting christie's re-election. christie has long denied any wrongdoing. thousands of families in the philippines are now homeless after super typhoon haima made landfall last last night.
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storm brought intense rains and strong winds that uprooted trees, toppled power poles and tore off roofs -- as well as floods and landslides. weather frost advisory for sheboygan, fond du lac, dodge, washington, waukesha, jefferson and walworth counties from 1am-8am friday
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temperatures falling through the 40s this evening. frosty overnight, especially in our inland counties. temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, uppe partly sunny and cool friday with a high around 50. gradually warming up over the weekend, into the upper 60s by sunday. tonight: clearing skies. frost inland overnight. low: 38 wind: n 5-10
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frost. high: 50 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly sunny. morning frost. am low: 37 high: 57 wind: sw 5-10 mph 48 high: 68 wind: wnw 5-15 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 54 wind: ne 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with a
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high: 53 wind: ese 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and breezy with a chance for showers. am low: 40 high: 53 wind: ese 10-20 mph
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company -- will have full self-driving features. that includes the much-anticipated model-three... tesla says the self-driving software will be substantially safer than having a human driver. the cars use ultrasonic sensors to detect objects near and around the car -- farther and faster than the human eye. it will also be able to see clearly through fog and heavy rain. the company also promised software updates and new features for earlier tesla models. tak fishermen haul in the catch of a lifetime off the coast of bermuda. this giant spiny lobster weighs a whopping 14 pounds! the men believe rough surf from hurricane nicole may have brought the lobster closer to shore. they took pictures and video to guarantee bragging rights -- then put it back in the water. another hollywood couple is calling it quits... and we're finally getting a look at the sequel to "guardians of
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a month...brad pitt has seen all of his kids. according to t-m-z, pitt met with 15- year-old maddox yesterday. this is the first time the two have met since angelina jolie filed for divorce last month. a therapist reportedly had to be present for the meeting. jolie temporarily has custody of the kids, while pitt has visiting rights. tobey maguire and jennifer meyer are calling it quits... the couple quote: "much soul searching and consideration." maguire and meyer say their first priority remains raising their children together with enduring love, respect, and friendship. the couple has been married for nine years. "there are two types of beings in the universe. those who dance and those who do not." the trailer for "guardians of the galaxy volume 2" is out.... the latest film follows the guardians as they discover the
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their newfound "family" together. the movie hits theaters in april. and that's
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marching band is getting ready for some big honors... they're getting ready to perform in the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city... fox6 got a chance to check out one of their practices... the marching band actually applied to be in the parade a year-and-a-half ago... out of the 175 high school bands that applied -- only seven made it --
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now at six. from bad to worse! a huge blow for an already banged up packers team. the injury sidelining eddie lacy for several weeks. --- plus. criminal charges filed against a milwaukee police officer connected to "the internal investigation certainly revealed what we believe to be probable cause that he's committed these crimes." that is our big story tonight. dominique heaggan-brown is in jail tonight-- facing sexual assault charges. he's also the same officer who shot a man in august -- sparking two nights of unrest in milwaukee. our a.j. bayatpour joins us live downtown at police headquarters where
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in a somber tone, chief ed flynn says the alleged behavior of his officer is extremely disappointing. while its a separate investigation from the sylville smith shooting, flynn says he knows many in the community will tie the two together, which hurts the entire department. the alleged assault that sparked this investigation happened during violent protests near sherman park... officer dominique heaggan-brown enters court thursday as a defendant accused of sexual assault. heaggan-brown was taken off patrol after shooting sylville smith on august 13. police say smith pointed a gun at officers. less than 48 hours later, heaggan- brown drops someone off at saint joseph hospital, telling security that person is 'completely out,


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